Cancellation Policy

Addtobucket’s cancellation policy is very simple and we offers you to cancel your placed order within 24 hours.

Addtobucket has the following cancellation policy –

Cancellation Policy:

Case1. Addtobucket offers you to cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order. For which you just need to email us a cancellation request with all purchase details for verification of your authenticity then after successful verification you will be approved for refund. We refund you the same amount to you on the same day of approval. But the transaction duration may vary depending on your mode/method of payment.
(After 24 hours of placing your orders this cancellation policy will not be eligible since it has been more than 24 hours of placing your order.)

Case 2. If any customer want to cancel his/her order(In any case) after 24 hours of placing the order then Addtobucket will check, if the customer is eligible for the order cancellation then Addtobucket will apply some charges for the shipment cancellation(Because order will be shipped out after 24 hours).

The cancellation charges varies according to the order amount, if the order amount is between –

  1. $20-$50 then charges will be $4.90.
  2. $51-$100 then charges will be $9.90.
  3. $100+ then charges will be $14.90.


Addtobucket modification policy is very unique. this policy offers you to modify your cart even after placing the order. ( T&C apply)
because we understand our customer’s needs and we love to serve our customers at its best.
Suppose, If you have placed 5 items but in case you change your mind and you wish to modify the number of items from 5 to 4 or 3.
Fortunately, you can do it only on Addtobucket.

Term and condition:
You can modify your cart but within 24 hours of placing the order
(after 24 hours of placing the order you will not be eligible to modify your cart).

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